Building New Experience in Mobile Transactions, System Analytics, and Blockchain
Amilabs — fintech development company
Building New Experience in Mobile Transactions, System Analytics, and Blockchain
Amilabs — fintech development company
About Amilabs
Amilabs, Ltd, is a financial technology company that develops solutions for financial service providers with the focus on online and mobile wallets, digital payments, and transaction monitoring.
We offer utterly new experience in developing solutions for smart finance.
Amilabs is a company created for distributing financial technology applications across the world. We founded by the team with 15 years of expertise in the financial and payment industry, specialises in creating innovative FinTech solutions for the mass market. These include mobile wallets, electronic money systems, mobile QR POS terminals, customer loyalty management and mobile gifts.
The company has extensive experience working together with:
Why choose Amilabs Mobile Wallet Solution?
We have already developed complete blockchain based wallet infrastructure – you will receive your own mobile and browser based wallet tested by QA and very successful commercial operator. You don't need to hire the dedicated team – just order Payment Application from the seasoned development company
Mobile operators
Postal operators
Payment service providers
Our solutions are
Regulatory Compliant
with EU and US regulators
Provide Superior Technology
Apply to a variety of markets
Cheaper to implement and use
Provide maximum security with the latest advancement in encryption technology
B2B and B2C financial solutions

Interactive development

Multi-tier application
We are experts in
Legal IT
Domestic Payments Infrastructure

Cross-Border Flows Monitoring

Global Payments Compliance

Currency Exchange Technologies

Blockchain message archiving

E-Discovery infrastructure and application integration

e-Discovery application extension and optimization via vendor APIs

Regulatory and compliance message surveillance
Blockchain Development
Smart Contracts Development

Risk Management Systems

Trading terminals

Decentralized application Development

Blockchain Application Solutions

Know Your Customer Verification

AML Regulatory Solutions
Application Development and Maintenance
Mobile and Online Wallet
Amilabs Wallet is the virtual wallet that that combines both proprietary and blockchain technologies to store a variety of financial information, including private customer and transactional data. With Amilabs proprietary solution our clients now can launch domestic and cross-border payment services, money transfers, currency exchange and more.
Amilabs Wallet is a Payment App platform turning a smartphone into a cashless payment tool and storage for different digitized values. It provides a convenient way for users to make direct payments using QR-cod), make P2P transfers, manage loyalty cards, electronic tickets, mobile gifts, financial products etc. Amilabs Wallet is also a great way for unbanked people to pay, send, receive and manage money
With massive amounts of stored data any blockchain becomes a large database, where constant systematisation is required to keep
the system in check. Amilabs has developed Ethplorer as Ethereum blockchain analytical and transaction monitoring tool.
Ethplorer is the leading Ethereum blocks and transactions monitoring and analytical tool used by thousand of users daily. Ethplorer users include individual and institutional traders, investors and leading Ethereum projects. Most of them are already using Ethplorer's API, such as MEW, Metamask, Bancor, Storj, MyCrypto, AtomicWallet, Coinigy, Cointracking, Ambisafe, Coinpeak, Coinbooks, Chainy, EverexWallet and more.
Mission: Proof of Existence + Links+Files + Blockchain
Publicly verifiable and time stamped proof of existence documentation service encrypted and stored on Bitcoin blockchain. Allows storing any types of files in term of cryptographic digest linked to the exact time of document submission. Permanent short weblinks in the bitcoin transaction allow more information in document description.
Everex is Singapore based financial solution developer, focusing on solving financial inclusion problem by offering solution to over 2B global citizens to connect to global financial system.
Krungthai Bank is a state-owned and one of the largest banks in Thailand whose goal is to serve individuals, organizations, institutions, government and state agencies as well as all sizes and types of businesses with an operating network of over 800 branches across Thailand. With modern technology and comprehensive services, the bank provides everything a customer needs at one stop, for maximum customer convenience.
Shwe Rural & Urban Development Bank (Shwe Bank) is a mid-tier challenger bank whose primary goal is to foster financial inclusion for the underbanked population. Shwe Bank has adopted financial technology for use throughout its distribution network of about 410 banking agents across Myanmar in an effort to provide quality service for customers currently underserved by traditional banks.
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