Blockchain Development Company
Ethereum, Bitcoin, Counterparty

Blockchain Development Company
Ethereum, Bitcoin, Counterparty

Amilabs, Ltd, a Bangkok based fintech company has developed the technology to digitize and transact on the bitcoin blockchain virtually any physical or electronic asset, commodity, security or currency in the most secured and efficient way. This is achieved without using traditional financial or banking payment systems such as SWIFT, and at a fraction of the cost. It opens possibilities for cost efficient incorporation of new companies on the blockchain, crowdfunding efforts, creation of decentralized exchanges to trade shares of new companies, along with commodities, securities, and currencies.

Our flagship project is Everex (former Midas Rezerv), which allows investing, trading, and making payments with physical gold using bitcoin technology. 1 MRCoin is fully backed by 1 gram of physical gold, stored in secured, fully insured and auditable vaults, with the bank guarantees and safekeeping records.

We also have technology to enhance and optimize the online gambling and betting industry by providing transparency and automation using smart contracts. In addition, our solution ( allows document management by digitization on the blockchain. Potential applications include legal contracts, patents, medical, government and other records to provide proof of existence, custody and audit.
  • Low Risk Legal and Business Model
  • High-Margin Business
  • Superior Technology
  • Applies to a variety of markets
  • Decentralized
  • Cheaper to implement and use
  • Maximum security with the latest advancement in encryption technology
What we do

Asset Digitalization
Crypto assets & commodities
Blockchain Banking
Data Records Storage
Blockchain Incorporations
Blockchain sports betting
Patent Law
Shares and dividends


Private funds
Fundraising for Round A


Blockchain project development,
Decentralized Exchanges, DAPP, DAO/DAC,
Smart Contracts.
What we are currently working on
With Everex wallet, users are empowered to:
* Remit payments directly to anyone around the world at a fraction of the time and costs of existing money transfer systems;
* Trade and invest in physical gold, stocks, debt notes, and currencies, represented in digital asset tokens;
* Engage in decentralized crowdfunding, crowd insurance, P2P lending, social finance, and prediction markets;
* Setup blockchain chartered companies powered by smart contracts. Create and manage crypto equity and shareholder registry, raise funds, and govern companies.
Mission: Proof of Existence + Links+Files + Blockchain

Publicly verifiable and time stamped proof of existence documentation service encrypted and stored on Bitcoin blockchain. Allows storing any types of files in term of cryptographic digest linked to the exact time of document submission. Permanent short weblinks in the bitcoin transaction allow more information in document description.
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